“Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place in the future as you are today.”
by Michael Hyatt

Our Company

Agile Experience:

Emetworks’s default delivery approach is based on Agile and Lean Practice. In order to achieve for high performance, Emetworks addresses challenges. We guide our clients with custom-fit changes and lead Lean-Agile transformations. Always perfectly aligned with the goals, culture and technical parameters. In addition, we take an organic approach—holistic, well balanced, and culture-aware.

Our clients have reached extraordinary results increased productivity & velocity, shorter lead times, high agility in handling changes, and superior quality that is built in naturally. These successes are sustainable because we help develop in-house competence with a continuous improvement mentality and intrinsic motivation.

This methodology will uniquely create Agile Portfolio for customers thought our good practices, right technology with a focus on Human Dynamics that will assist customers to increase effectiveness of the team and speed with which can adjust to impulses from the market, organization, teams and individuals.

Believe and Strategy:

Business transformations are not easy. Like the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, becoming agile is an ever-changing goal with no defined road to get there. It requires changing what you do, how you do it, and most importantly, how you think about it, all without a manual or detailed guide. You are provided with merely a one-pager containing 3 keys value. That’s it.

Our Services

  • Strategy/ Market Entry/ Go-to-Market/ Mergers & Acquisition
  • Process Optimization/ Re-Engineering
  • Organization/ People
  • Lean Enterprise/ Digital Transformation
  • Agile Transformation using LeSS, Nexus, SAFE, DaD
  • High Performance Culture
  • Analytics/ Six Sigma
  • Telco, Data Center, IT Technology Strategy
Partner Solutions
  • Strategy/ Market Entry/ Go-to-Market/ Mergers & Acquisition
  • Process Optimization/ Re-Engineering
  • Organization/ People
  • Partnership with Nexter Academy
  • Partnership with ex-Amazon Chief Data Scientist
  • Mobile VAS and Content
  • Cloud & Managed Services
  • Business Operation Partner
Venture builder
  • Conceiving business idea
  • Building Teams
  • Business management
  • Providing shared resources
Product Partner solution
  • Online and offline marketing advisor
  • Product strategy
  • Development products with high performance team (We are full stack engineer team)
  • Deliver good quality products
Coaching and Training
  • Agile Transformation
  • Agile Lego
  • Agile Leadership
  • Lean Canvas
  • User Empathy & User Experience
  • Designing User Experience (UX)
  • Human Dynamic
  • System Thinking

Our Customers